Feed GigE

The Feed GigE Serles line of the world's smallest Gigabit Ethernet cameras offers a total of four monochrome and ccd models,ranging from vga to 5.0mp.measuring just 29×29×30mm and weighing only 58 grams,the Feed GigE has the same small,lighweight form factor many industry-standard "ice cube" analog cameras.The Feed GigE also offers a host of new features,including enhanced opto-isolated gpio;an on-camera frame buffer;nonvolatile user data storage;new trigger modes;and improved imaging performance.

  • sony progressive scan CCD image sensors mono or color
  • gige vision 1000 mbit/s interface
  • compact 29x29x30mm case with C-mout lens holder
  • gige vision 1.2 specifications
Available Now FE-GE-03S2C/M-C 0.3MP Sony ICX424 CCD, 1/3’’,Mono/Color,Global Shutter 648×488 82 FPS 7.4μm
Available Now FE-GE-08S2C/M-C 0.8MP Sony ICX204 CCD, 1/3’’,Mono/Color,Global Shutter 1032×776 31 FPS 4.65μm
Available Now FE-GE-13S2C/M-C 1.3MP Sony ICX445 CCD, 1/3’’,Mono/Color,Global Shutter 1288×964 31 FPS 3.75μm
Available Now FE-GE-14S3C/M-C 1.4MP Sony ICX267 CCD, 1/2’’,Mono/Color,Global Shutter 1384×1032 18 FPS 4.65μm
Available Now FE-GE-20S4C/M-C 2.0MP Sony ICX274 CCD, 1/1.8’’,Mono/Color,Global Shutter 1624×1224 15 FPS 4.4μm
Available Now FE-GE-50S5C/M-C 5.0MP Sony ICX655 CCD, 2/3’’,Mono/Color,Global Shutter 2448×2048 8 FPS 3.45μm
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