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RAYNIWILL's camera division is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing and sale of camera products for all industrial sectors. RAYNIWILL's camera division provides camera sensors for industrial product testing, medical equipment, traffic monitoring systems, and other applications. Our image systems help productivity, quality, and efficiency which ultimately lead to a reduction in costs.

RAYNIWILL's innovative camera technology for machine vision, medical equipment, and high-performance monitoring systems have been in development for over 10 years. Camera suppliers around the world rely on RAYNIWILL products where over 50,000 units use our camera's image processing technology. This technology has become an indispensable element in the manufacturing process of a variety of products as well as service.

RAYNIWILL will remain committed to medical image processing and high-end security equipment development to meet the demand for product research and development business in all industries.

RAYNIWILL has always worked toward innovation so we have established large-scale investments in product research and development. While innovation is our passion, we still make sure to focus on communication and exchange with customers/partners. We make sure to always pay attention to the market demands remain open to change as needed. For us, the customers' needs are the most valuable information. Our customers' expectations are the driving force behind RAYNIWILL's constant push to improve the technical ability of our cameras.

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