RAYNIWILL as the leading global manufacturers and suppliers for famous industrial sensor products, not only has advanced powerful sensor product technology and professional automation solutions and experience, and has been committed to praise highly internationalized a full range of technical support and after-sales service.

Field product demonstration

Except advanced technology, technical support services are also worth RAYNIWILL taking pride, these services are special used to solve the problem. When we first visit you, our sales engineers will use special equipment to do product demonstration to you, this equipment will show the actual function. Then we will listen to the customer the practical application demand. In this process, we will make sure to improve productivity of the necessary condition, and recommend the right products to the customers. At the same time we will also explain any foreseeable potential problems, and strive to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the customer system.

A free sample on trial

Since always, first, we are suggesting the customer know the performance evaluation of RAYNIWILL’s products in their production line, and then buy. The user can choose products and have free trial before actual purchase.

Fast delivery

RAYNIWILL have set up a rapid delivery system, we can delivery the products to the user at any time. After receiving the order on the same day, the product will be out from our center warehouse. In normal circumstances, all the products are in stock.

Symposium and exhibition

We are ready to hold on a technical forum or product exhibitions in your company.

Products and services
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