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Research and development is necessary for success. Our r&d center in China and USA have 51 engineers and 6 doctors. And each year we will spent 15% of the income on investment in r&d. In addition, we also develop close strategic cooperation with the United States, Germany and China's 12 well-known universities and research institutions.

Our success, based on the concept of continuous implementation: We guiding the development of the future base on understanding for customer requirements. And our clients will benefit therefore. For example, use less input in the same performance. The sensor and durable level improved, working process can be simplified, and the process is shortened.

All our efforts are focused on developing the undeveloped intelligent sensor, in order to solve the customer's application. In order to achieve this purpose, we have been committed to the technology development. We let sensor not only have the detection function, but also can intelligent control process. And it communicate with the rest of the complex network part.

RAYNIWILL development is not limited to its central r&d departments and scattered r&d team. In order to make our sensor adapt all system environment, and our customers can development benefit from the coordination effect. In this way, we position ourself into an organized product creation process. This can makes us sure early enough that a product is successful, and effective use of our r&d resources.

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