Commitment for Quality

Quality and customer satisfaction is the core of the relationship which set up by us for many years. We solemnly promise, we will always provide the highest quality products and services to customers all over the world.

Personnel products’ operation is reliable in using, in many different industry field, in the extremely harsh application environment, the products can keep their due performance. Conform to the specifications and reliable operation is the key consideration in our product development and manufacturing process.

This can obtain the safeguard through in our quality management system and control in the process of application and procedures. All product warranty period are 12 months, and our company will offer timely maintenance, repair, calibration.

Our quality management system have the ISO 9001:2000 and CE certification, they are used in the whole RAYNIWILL, and help us measurement, analysis and improvement of product and service.

We obtain ISO 9001 authentication for the first time in 2005 and continue to accept ISO member’s evaluation of the SGS certification.Please click here to verify our company.

Our quality management system appraisal according ISO 9001:2000, implemented in the whole RAYNIWILL, it help us to measure, analyse and improve products and the service. The user's opinion is very important to us, we are welcome to your any opinion, care and attention. Please contact the quality control department:

Quality guarantee:
DRO series since the delivery date for two years, Linear encoder system since the delivery date for five years in addition to encoder. RAYNIWILL guarantee to supply products meet the demand in the design of performance technology and material under the contract.

If you need our ISO registration certificate Q09540, declaration of conformity and terms and conditions, there are PDF format for free download.