W-Magnetostrictive displacement sensor

Analog Output

W-Series magnetostrictive displacement sensor can be connected directly to the control system or an indicator without going through the interface adapter. Micro-electronic components in the sensor head can generate a continuous voltage or current output which is proportional to the displacement. You can choose its output which is forward or reverse motion when ordering. Output variables are set up at the factory, without recalibration.

  • Linear, Absolute Measurement;
  • Non-Contact Sensing Technology;
  • Rugged industrial sensor;
  • EMC shielded and CE certification;
  • Linearity Deviation::±0.02% F.S.;
  • Repeatability:±0.001% F.S..
Technical information
Output voltage 0…+10 V / +10…0 V
Output current 4…20 mA / 20…4 mA
Resolution 16 bit D/A,0.0015%(min.1μm)
Load current max.5 mA
Load resistance ≤ 500Ω
Temperature coefficient [150 μV/°C+(5 ppm/°C×P×U/L)]×△T
Hysteresis ≤ 4 μm
Sampling rate <3kHz
Linearity deviation <±0.02% F.S.(min.±60um)
Repeat accuracy <±0.001% F.S.
Supply voltage 12…30V DC
Stroke length 50~5000 mm
Shock load 100g/6 ms as per IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration 15g/10-2000Hz per IEC 60068-2-6
Housing material Aluminum
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