M--Magnetostrictive displacement sensor

M-Magnetostrictive displacement sensor

The M Series is the latest RAYNIWILL magnetostrictive displacement sensor that offers high performance while maintaining a low price. The M series is designed to be used for fuel tank measurements and is compatible with professional built-in fuel tanks. Non-contact, absolute output, maintenance-free, and longevity of life combined with low prices makes the M series a superior replacement for potentiometers and encoders. The compact stainless steel displacement sensor is even suitable for vehicles where cylinder mounting space is restricted such as U-shaped cylinders.

Name Output Measuring length Supply voltage Resolution


50…3000mm 12…30V DC 16bit D/A,0.0015%(min.1μm)
MT-series Analog 50…3000mm 12…30V DC 16 bit D/A,0.0015%(min.1μm)
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