L-Series Liquid Level Sensors


RAYNIWILL is prestigious in the world, and is internationally recognized as a leading supplier of sensors, provides the innovative and high-quality sensor products in the industrial applications for a long time. We have a rich variety of standard products based on sensor technology. Our customers benefit from the international full range of consulting and reliable service. By working closely with them, we have developed special solutions about superior advantages of cost and performance. Customers benefit from our international development team, great diversity of production facilities and optimized business processes. These are sure that we can take the greatest flexibility and agility to achieve our customers’ requirements. Mature RAYNIWILL corporate culture will put the needs of clients and customers to the first place.



-Multi-function, can simultaneously measure three types of data and 8 signals: level, interface level, temperature and level under 5 signal point and average temperature under the surface, in MODBUS, can also export four calculation function: volume, air volume, quality, alarm;

-Maintenance-free, magnetostrictive level gauge has no wearing parts without regular maintenance, drift, periodic calibration;

-Low cost, no spare parts, not the cost of spare parts; the installation time is short, low installation cost; maintenance free, low maintenance cost; the equivalent of a set integrated by multiple instruments, low function cost,without clearing tank, there is no clear tank costs;

-Long service life;

-Time is short, the installation of two people cooperate within 15 minutes;

-Signal stability, no drift.

name Stroke length Measured variable Input Voltage Output
LR-系列 100~8000 mm

Product level and interface level

24 Vdc Modbus / HART/ FOUNDATION(TM) fieldbus
LF-系列 5000~30000 mm

Product level and interface level

24 Vdc Modbus / HART/ FOUNDATION(TM) fieldbus
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