E-Series magnetostrictive displacement sensor

RAYNIWILL's displacement sensors have traditionally performed at high levels while remaining reasonably priced. In accordance with these traditions, RAYNIWILL has developed the E series of displacement sensors for further extensions into other areas of application. It not only includes the advantages of magnetostrictive technology, but also at an unprecedented low price. We are confident the E Series provides a superior replacement for the original position measurement system, such as potentiometers or encoder devices. The E-series' price combined with advanced properties such as touch, absolute output, maintenance-free operation, and longevity of life provides a clear advantage over other competitors.

Name Output Measuring length Supply voltage Structure




50…4000mm 12…30V DC prominent structure of the shell with oriented positioning magnet
Analog 50…1500mm 12…30V DC Built-in push-pull rod design
Analog 50…1500mm 12…30V DC Freestyle
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