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RAYNIWILL made thousands of unique and customized products to meet specific customer’s special needs last for a long time. Because RAYNIWILL have rapid execution in the industry. In the readily available world, you can trust RAYNIWILL.

  • 1. The sensor which is designed for specific application.

    We can provide complete solutions to you according to your needs. Such as mounting bracket, special lens, cable and other special accessories. So when you getRAYNIWILL products, you can install immediately. RAYNIWILL have hundreds kinds of assembly kit, so you don’t need worry about order and installation.

    High speed automatic real-time manufacturing capacity:RAYNIWILL have the fast in-time production ability in the industry, automation is the base of effective service in RAYNIWILL.

  • 2. General delivery time: 1 weeks or shorter time.

    In RAYNIWILL, if more than one production place in USA, the manufacturing and shipping time will be 1 week. More than 80% of the products can be arrive in 2 weeks, if the product producer and delivery in China, also can realize be delivered within 1 week.

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