RAYNIWILL have a confusion same as the worldwide agent cooperation since the company be founded. It is not difficult to have several orders. The hard one is sustainable development. If your enterprise has follow confusions?

Confusion 1: How to ensure profitability?

More and more intense competition in the market, operation cost is higher and higher, profit is thinner, the situation of our enterprise development could not last, the risk is too high, how to do?

Confusion 2: Why the market rules are so chaos?

Small brand products not has fame, the acting promotion is difficult; If it is big brand products, the customers accept degree is high, but the market chaos. Took an immense amount of energy, but it is difficult to sign in a reasonable profit margin of price, but still often occur wrong cargo situation, it is not only waste time but also can't reply to customer, how to do?

Confusion 3: who is there and who can work and face tough together with us?

Develop a new agent products, my own strength is limited, investment too much and the risk is high. If product supplier can have professionals and together carry out sales work with me, and provide project information, marketing, personnel training and other services. Our risk will be more smaller, but the supplier is too hard to find, how to do?

Confusion 4: who is responsible for product service?

I am more nervous after all setbacks sign in the contract and the product success delivery. If there appear problem when the product in using, supplier service not timely keep up in time, my collection is suspended, extreme situation can't get the money, I will destroy the customer relationship, and it will effect on my other business. If product suppliers can actively take up the after-sales service responsibility?

Confusion 5: If the back department can be stabilized?

Some upstream suppliers top management changes frequently, new market ideas often change, sales policy it is hard to keep relatively stable, if upstream changed, we are passive in the downstream, how to do?

Confusion 6: can we continue to share the fruits on the autumn?

Agency product promotion is same as plant crops, the cultivation and planting in season, good promotion will have the harvest season. Some new supplier development market cooperation is very good, but it is not the same on opening the situation. I am not afraid on hard spring sowing, but can I continue to enjoy the autumn harvest?

Confusion 7: how to sustainable development?

Development is the important truth, sustainable development is the truth. A good product suppliers have the ability to continuously developing new products, so that even if only maintenance the old customers, my unit output will also improve, my sustainable development had support security. All know a good shade back leaning against a big tree, but the tree is not easy to search, how to do?

Confusion 8: how to full development and less detours?

Enterprise must depend on the efficiency from management, my enterprise scale is not big enough, energy and investment are limited, if I can achieve strategic alliances with a big enterprise which developed from small,, sharing their experiences and lessons, borrows their operation platform, my enterprise will not take some curve road. Can I find such a strategic partner?

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