Are you a smart and heavy man?

RAYNIWILL company is looking for a person who can help customers solve problems.

We are the leader of sensor. From the design or manufacturing to factory and process automation all over the world have our products. If you understand your ambition, want attain fulfillment from the world and strive to express to your potential, please consider to join with us.

Quickly and loyal employees as you can make RAYNIWILL company in ahead of the market and stay the same trade. At the same time please let RAYNIWILL provide rapid growth, long-term development and more big stage to all person who is sagacity and heavy commitment like you.

A homely, friendly, energy and relaxed working environment.

RAYNIWILL pay attention to team environment, each person's opinion and efforts will be value to the company. Our employees are proud of our work, at the same time we also feel proud of the a happy and energetic environment. We attach importance to respect, polite and professional. We uphold the highest standard of moral and developing with employee, developing the commercial activities with dealer, partners and customers engaged, we get a win-win situation, and bear the social responsibility of the company.

Browse the lack of position in currently (Asia Pacific)

Currently position:

If you are interesting in RAYNIWILL’s position. Please send the resume to personnel in Word document form.

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